Research room

Research room fitted with LCD monitors and internet facility are provided for teachers to keep themselves abreast with latest information, prepare their own ppt presentations etc.

Online Examination

Our students are exposed to the pattern of exam in which they can give their answer in a single click, So that they are relieved of the regular stress of pen & paper pattern of exam to some extent.

Music Room

Not only intellectual development but development of co-curricular activities is also encouraged among students. They are trained in vocal, keyboard, tabla, kongo, bongo, drums, flute etc. in our well equipped music room.


Well equipped auditorium with surround sound system, interactive board etc. to conduct various activities, workshops and meetings.

DLL : (Digital Language Lab)

Students should step into the global society with confidence. Fluency in speaking English language is of utmost importance. In our D.L.L we give a fine edge to communication skills with the help of world class soft wares like Words worth,  Grammar Activities etc.

E- Classrooms

Each classroom is laced with latest modern technology. Interactive board, C.P.U. and projectors are fitted in each classroom. Whole world can be brought into the classroom with the help of internet facility. The benches are designed with special care so that the student can seat and study comfortably.

Well Qualified Teachers

Teachers of J.H.B Sardar Primary English School are highly qualified and well trained. They not only teach effectively but also arouse interest among students for self-learning. Regular in service training programmes on various topics or organized for teachers to keep them updated with latest treads in education.

Knowledge Centre

Educational have proved that audio – visual aids with hands on activities help students learn better and thus we have set up a knowledge centre or rather you can call it a PLAY STATION for students where they play to learn.