Std. I & II

Mon. to Fri. : 12.30  to 5:20 p.m.

Sat. : 12.30  to 3:00 p.m.

Holiday on every fourth Saturday

Std. III to VIII

Mon. to Sat. : 7:20 a.m. to 12.20 p.m.

Half day on every fourth Sat:- 7.20 to 9.45 a.m


   Std. I & II                                   Std. III to VIII

    Saturday                                    Saturday

11.45 to 12.15 p.m                    10 to 10.30 a.m


The pupil shall bring the School Calendar to school daily.

Parents should regularly check the Calendar for any remarks and put their signature in Parent's Signature Column.

The school uniform must be worn on school days and school functions.(except on birthday)

Personal hygiene of the pupil is highly recommended. Pupil coming untidy or shabbily dressed will be sent back home.

Pupil should bring books, note books, drawing materials etc. according to their time table. Excess books or whatsoever, if found are liable to be confiscated.

All books, note books, journals etc. should be properly covered with brown paper.

Students should be punctual.

Every pupil is expected to be present 10 minutes before the School time. They should not come too early.

Late comers will not be allowed to enter the class without principal's permission.

Pupils marked late thrice in one month, in late attendance record, will have to come to school along with their parents, the following day and see the Principal.

The School is not responsible for the pupil after the school hours. Parents should make arrangements to pick their child immediately after school.

Except under special circumstances, pupil will not be allowed to leave the school early.

School fees should be paid as per the given details and in time. If fees is not paid in time Late fees charges will be collected.

No one will be allowed to see the pupil or teacher without the permission of the Principal.

Representations and complaints must be addressed to the Principal and not directly to the teacher.

The pupil must always speak in English in the School premises.

Silence must be observed in the school premises.

Running, playing or shouting inside the School building is discouraged.

It is not advisable for pupils to have money or valuable articles with them. If lost school will not be responsible.

Pupil should be careful, not to throw papers or any rubbish anywhere in the classroom or in the school premises. They should use the dustbin for that purpose.

Students should see that no damage is done to any school property (e.g writing on benches, walls etc.) if they observe any such damage, they should immediately report to the teacher or the school authorities.

Pupil are responsible for their conduct, both in and outside the School.

Strict action will be taken against erring students.


Specimen of School uniform is available at school.

There should be uniformity in the shades, material and design of the uniforms.

Students should come in proper neat and tidy uniform.

Boys upto Std.IV should put on Half Pants.

Boys should have short hair cut. Girls with long hair should have two plaits with ribbon, Similarly short hair with hair- bands.

Any sort of tattoos, fancy hair cuts or other accessories should not be worn in school.


Semester system of examination is being followed for std I to VIII

If a pupil remains absent in any one of the semesters due to valid reasons the principal should be informed in writing. The promotion will be done on the basis of the other semester that he/she has appeared.

Parents to ensure that fees are duly paid before every exam.


Shri Satya Sai Education Trust
J.H.B.Sardar Primary English School
Annual plan 2017 - 18
Month Tentative Dates Duration Activity / Events  Std Things to do
Jun-01 05/06/2017 1st period School reopens for students I Decorate classes and welcome students of   std -I with chocolates.
2 12/06/17   Monday   Environment Day III to VIII To speak about the importance of the day in assembly by V-A. Students can donate plants.
3 17/06/17   Saturday 8:00 a.m Mother's meet                                                  I Inform mothers & arrange Sai Hall
4 24/06/2017 3:30 p.m Parent's meeting with class tr. II Make students write in calendar and post on global board/website/mobile app a week before. ?
5 21/06/17 Wednesday Assembly Yoga & Music day.  I to VIII Arrangenments on ground for 3 to 8 & in hall for I & II
6 24-06-2017 Saturday Last 2 periods Essay Writing Competition III to VIII Topic will be given.  P.S. & S.S
7 24-06-2017 Saturday   Ramzan Idd Celebration   To speak in assembly.[V.B]
8 1/7/2017 Saturday to 10/7/2017 Monday   Parents Meeting and  seminar by P4P  I to VIII  
Jul-01 01/07/2017  Saturday Assembly Doctor's Day   To speak in assembly (Std V- C)
2 05/07/2017 to 08/07/17  1st and 2nd Period Sem-I Unit test I I to VIII Prepartaion to be done in advance.
3 10/7/2017 Monday Assembly Guru purnima celebration I to VIII Arrange Bachuba's photo, flowers etc. Student will honour teachers. To speak about Bachuba.
Lt. Bachuba's birthday
3 10/7/2017 Monday  &  11/7/2017 One Child can take part in only one competition Aluna festival :    
Arti Thali Decoration I to VI Any number of students can take part
Solo dance competition I to V Select 3 students from each class
Mahendi competition VII & VIII Any number of students can take part
Mono Acting VI to VIII Select 3 students from each class
Poem Recitation I to V Select 3 students from each class
Soliloguy(Eng) VI to VIII Select 3 students from each class
    Arrangements to be made by culture committee in advance (12/6/2017)
4 10/7/2017 Monday &   11-07-2017 Tuesday One Child can take part in only one competition [Indoor Sports] Carrom,Chess,Scrabble,Karate,Yoga,Skating   Arrangements to be made by sports committee in advance (12/6/17)
Assembly World Population day   To speak in assembly V-D
5 24/07/17 Monday Assembly Lt. Kamlaba's birthday   Bhajan, To speak about Kamlaba (M.Desai), Arrange Ba's Photo, Flowers
6 27/07/17 Tuesday  Assembly Birthday of Tapi River      To speak in assembly VI-A
Aug.1 02/08/17 to 05/08/17 1st & 2nd Period Sem-I, Unit test-II I to VIII Prepartaion to be done in advance.
2 5/08/17 Saturday 1st Period Rakshabandhan celebration   To speak about in assembly. Std-VI-B
3 14/08/17 Monday II & III Period Janmashtami celebration   Matki Fod programme & prasad 
4 15/08/17 Tuesday    Independence Day celebration VI to VIII Flag hoisting ceremony, Send invitation to Chief guest and others guests. Prepare band & parade (B.P)
5 26/8/2017 Saturday Assembly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration I to VIII Ganesh Vandana and prasad. (V.P.S.)
6 12/8/2017     Saturday  
Meeting of Parents with class teachers
Sep-01 05/09/17 Tuesday    Teacher's Day celebration I to VIII  
2 08/09/17 Friday Assembly World Literacy Day I to VIII To speak in assembly VI-C
3 14/09/17 Thursday Assembly Hindi Divas   To speak in assembly  ?VI-D
4 15/09/17 to 23/09/17   SEM-I(Exam) I to VIII  
5 19/09/17
Assembly World Peace Day   To Speak in Assemly VII-A
6 28/09/2017
  Navratri Celebration   Arrange to be Done(TRS. Of Cultural Committee)
Oct-01 03/10/17 Tuesday Assembly Gandhi Jayanti I to VIII To Speak in Assembly VII-B
 World Non violence day. To Speak in Assembly VIII-C
2 04-10-2017
  World animal welfare Day   To speak in assembly (VII -D)
3 05/10/17 Thursday   Open house & Book Exhibition by Arch(Pitara)    
4 07/10/17   Saturday   Indian Air Force Day   To speak in assembly (VIII- A)
5 13/10/17
One Child can take part in only one competition Diwali Celebration  
Card Makimg competition.
I to IV Any number of students can take part
Toran making, competition. V to VI Any number of students can take part
Rangoli  competition. VII & VIII Any number of students can take part
Story Telling  I to V Select 3 students from each class
Speech  VI to VIII Select 3 students from each class
6 16/10/17 TO 5/11/17    Diwali vacation    
7 22/10/2017   National Maths Day    
Nov-01 11/11/17 Saturday   Inhouse Training of teacher   Arrangements by concerned teachers
2 14-11-2017
  Children's Day Celebration  I to VIII Teachers will arrange a programme during assembly
3 18-11-2017
  English Competition     
1) Elocution  Competition  VI to VIII Topics to be given before diwali
2) Spell Bee I to V  
4 23-11-2017
  Shri Satya Sai Baba Birthday I to VIII Arrange photo, flowers. To speak in assembly VIII-B
Dec-01 04/12/2017 Monday Assembly Navy Day    To Speak in Assembly VIII-C
2 07/12/17      Thursday Assembly Flag Day I to VIII To Speak in Assembly VIII-D
3 9/12/2017     Saturday   Inhouse training of teachers   Arrangements by concerned teachers
4 11/12/17 to 14/12/17    Sem-II, Unit test-I I to VIII  
5 18/12/17 to 27/12/17        Sport week   Arrangements to be made by sports committee in advance 
Individual events  I to V
Team events VI to VIII
6 23/12/17
Assembly Christmas Celebration  I to VIII Carol Singing
7 30/12/2017 Saturday   Inter class Skit competition VI to VIII Arrangements in Sai hall
Jan-01 2/01/18
Assembly New year celebration I to VIII  
2 3/01/18 Wednesday    Inter school skit competition in memory of Shri Amrutbhai Desai
Parents meeting with class trs
3 10/01/2018(Wed) to 13/01/2018(Sat) 8.00 am Sem-II, Unit test-II I to VIII  
4 12/01/2018
Assembly National Youth Day - Swami Vivekanand's Jayanti I to VIII To Speak in Assembly VIII-A
5 13/01/2018   In house Training of teacher All Trs. Arrangements by concerned teachers
6 15/01/2018   Army Day   To Speak in Assembly VIII-B
7 19/01/2018 Friday   Singing Competition  Prayer or Bhajan  I & II  
      Festival Song III & IV   
Karaoke Track V & VI
Grp. Song( Patrotic Song) VII & VIII
9 26/01/18
  Republic Day Celebration  VI to VIII Flag hoisting ceremony, Send invitation to Chief guest and others guests. Prepare band & parade (B.P., Jasmina Tr.)
10 30/01/2018 Tuesday Assembly Martys Day   To Speak in Assembly  ?VIII-C
Feb-01 10/02/2018 Saturday   Inhouse training of teachers All Trs. Arrangement by concerned trs.
2 28/2/2018 Wednesday   Science Day, Robotics Competition VI to VIII 10 students from each class
3 3/3/2018 Saturday   Farewell of Std VIII  VII Arrangenments to be made
Mar-01 14/3/2018 Wednesday   Pie Day    To Speak in Assembly  VIII-D
March April     Sem II Exam    
* Declamation : A political speech that inspires others. The act of reciting a speech of any famous personality.
Soliloquy : The act of speaking one's thoughts individually aloud especially by a character in a play.


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